In the first phase

of the foundation’s history the project: "triple zero” will be executed. The foundation today has a capital of USD 3,000. These funds will be increased, prorated by income from seminars "Control of Reality..." by Grigori Grabovoi® and "Follow Your Calling" of life angel® Alexander Teetz, as well as donations, to USD 3,000,000. A period until the end of 2015 is provided for this.
We are happy to give you detailed information about the exciting possibilities of your participation and / or active participation in a satisfying, pioneering idea of ​​direct "social sponsorship”, including increased quality of life.

In the second phase

with the newly acquired funds, according to the foundation's mission, a kind of boarding school with attached multi-generation house will be built or acquired in which trainings and education for tomorrow's responsible leaders will be held in an open, progressive schedule. The social community-life will take place here, also - if required – in residential multi-generation communities in accordance with the principle of reciprocity.

In the third phase

of the foundation the complex is filled with life according to the statutes of the foundation. The statutes specify in detail with the founding members and first-generation residents. We also look forward to your real estate portfolio in this context!

Your donation today to improve our world tomorrow - because in the giving is the getting.

Thank You!

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