October 2010: An American teacher, a Russian neurologist and a German meet at a seminar on "Control of Reality Through The Soul, The Mind And Consciousness" (by Grigori Grabovoi®), in Yelm, Washington, USA. They exchange ideas, find each other sympathetic and develop a common vision.

February 2011: The three meet again at a seminar on "Control Of Reality ...", in Maui, Hawaii, USA. The long cherished idea of a charitable foundation, the "Life Angel Foundation", under U. S. law, is extended substantially.

August 2011: This time the three meet at Stewart Mineral Springs near Mount Shasta, California, USA, during a retreat on "Control Of Reality...". The headstone for the Life Angel-foundation in Carson City, Nevada, United States, is laid.

The Foundation in this place is also because the state of Nevada recognizes the existence and validity of sovereign entities, and thus the Foundation is both sovereign, responsible to God (“Creation”) and also functions in the current U. S. statutory system. Only this is the instance acceptable to the Founders.

(The Constitution does not give you rights. The founders considered your rights to be "God-given" or "natural rights" — you are born with all your rights. The Constitution however, protects your rights).


Svetlana Smirnova

with ten years of practical experience in neurology at the State Hospital at Omsk. Living in Hamburg, Germany, since 1996 she is working as a facilitator seminar leader with extra sensory abilities, with mental- and homeopathic methods of healing. She appeals to the self-healing forces of man, offering "help for self help", to improve and simplify global health. Svetlana is the health expert on the team.


Alexander Teetz

Life Coach and Motivational Speaker from Hamburg, Germany. After a career in management and sales in international trade, in the mid-nineties he turned to “mankind and psyche” – apart from the commercial interest in people of their employers – beginning to spread his "Follow Your Calling" program, which offers career opportunities of a sustainable, fulfilling general and individual quality of life, to people. Alexander is the career choice expert on the team as well as the initiator of the life angel-foundation.


Mary Judith Sherritt

Passionate advocate for the improvement of the (American) school system, the development and expansion of independent, clear-thinking and capable future leaders of American and global society, making use of technology and mental and consciousness-promoting forms of learning and content. She works toward the evolvement of a new, more intelligent, free, peaceful, creative and harmonious society to benefit all of humanity. Mary is the foundation and education expert on the team.

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